Absence Notification Policy

Syracuse University Health Services is no longer issuing excuse notes or medical excuses requested by patients/students. Doing so creates an undesirable climate for health care professionals and disempowers students. Responsibility for class attendance and completion of assignments rests primarily with the students, who assumes responsibility by communicating directly with faculty.

In cases where students are absent from class for an extended period of time (48 hours or more), Health Services will work with the University to send absence notifications to faculty. If an illness lasts less than 48 hours, the student should discuss academic arrangements directly with their faculty.

In general, the following conditions will not warrant an absence notification regardless of duration:

Verification of illness after the illness is over.

Verification of an illness diagnosed or treated by another provider.

A respiratory infection without significant fever.

Gastroenteritis (vomiting/diarrhea, unless there is a fever and/or severe dehydration).

Musculoskeletal conditions which do not prevent ambulation (such as minor ankle injuries, wrist sprains, etc.)

Students are encouraged to communicate directly with faculty regarding class attendance and/or completion of class assignments when the illness or injury does not meet the criteria outlined above.
The Attendance Policy including Absence Notification can be found under the Office of the Provost, Header - Important Syllabus Reminders.