General FAQs

What is the health and wellness fee?

The health and wellness fee is a mandatory fee that supports a comprehensive array of health and wellness services and programs for students provided by the Counseling Center, Health Promotion, Health Services and the Office of Student Assistance. Students can receive services and programs including individual and group counseling, case management, crisis intervention and primary and sexual health care services, offered by these departments during the semestser which the fee was paid.

Other covered health-related services include Syracuse University Ambulance (SUA) and medical transportation services, flu shots, nutrition counseling and short term psychiatric assessment and intervention.

The health and wellness fee also contributes to other health and wellness promotion programming focused on keeping students safe and healthy and enhancing their overall coping skills and social-emotional development.

The health and wellness fee is a mandatory fee for full-time undergraduate students, College  of Law students registered for 12 or more credits, and graduate students registered for 9 or more credits. Graduate students who have appointments as graduate assistants, graduate associates, and graduate fellows are assessed the fee but may have part or all of the fee remitted as part of their appointment.   

Can I waive the health and wellness fee?

Students that can waive the health and wellness fee if they are enrolled in a special program that takes them away from the campus for the entire semester, i.e. studying abroad, student teaching, an internship, etc. If you are on campus and enrolled full time, you must pay the health and wellness fee.  If you meet the criteria to waive the health and wellness fee, proof must be given to Health Services in the form of a letter or statement from your home college.

Will I be able to get an excuse note for missing class?

Health Services is no longer issuing excuse notes or medical excuses requested by patients/students. Please refer to the Absence Notification page for more information regarding this policy

What do I do if I have needles that need to be disposed of?

Patients with conditions that require needles or lancets, Health Services will provide you with free safety sharps containers. DO NOT dispose of them in the trash.  Bring your sharps container to the laboratory at Health Services for proper disposal.  For more information or to pick up a safety sharps containers, go to the Laboratory located within Health Services.

What should I do if I need allergy injections?

It is recommended by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, that allergy injections be provided by physicians who specialize in administering allergy injections, and have appropriate staff and equipment to identify and treat adverse reactions. Because of this recommendation, Health Services no longer provides allergy injections.

There are two local groups that are willing to see Syracuse University students who are receiving allergy injections. In an effort to provide a seamless transition from your home provider to a provider here in Syracuse, we recommend you contact one of these groups to coordinate your allergy care needs.  

Allergy Asthma Rheumatology Associates

5793 Widewaters Parkway, #250

Syracuse, NY 13214

Phone: 315.478.2339

Medical Transportation Service (MTS) will provide transportation in groups of 2 or more on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday, twice daily at 10:00 am or 2:30 pm only. No Wednesday or Fridays as the practice has limited office hours. Students must be able to go at the offered days/time, otherwise the student will need to provide their own transportation.


Syracuse ENT Surgeons

3906 East Genesee Street

Dewitt, NY 13214

Phone: 315.251.1093

This office is located on the bus line.

Can I have mail-ordered specialty prescriptions delivered to Health Services?

Yes. There is a form at Health Services that needs to be completed by the student annually before any shipments can be received. The student can complete this form with the Nurse Manager when arriving to campus or call 315.443.9005 to speak with the Nurse Manager. Once the form is completed, the student can notify their mail-order pharmacy and arrange the deliveries. The addresss to which these packages need to be shipped is: 

Syracuse University, Health Services

Attn: LeeAnne Lane

111 Waverly Avenue

Syracuse, NY 13244

Please note that all packages will have to be picked up by the student during Health Services regular business hours. WE DO NOT DELIVER THESE PACKAGES TO RESIDENCE HALLS. 

How can I get to Health Services if I am ill and unable to walk there?

If you feel that you are unable to walk to Health Services because of an illness that you are having, medical transportation is available. Call 315.443.4566 to schedule a ride.

If I have a meal plan and I am too ill to go to a dining center to eat, can food be delivered to me?

Yes! You can send your ID card and a note along with a friend and they can pick up a meal for you. If you are told to remain in your room because of flu-like symptoms, you may request a "Feel Better Food Pack" by calling 315.443.1103.