Phone Numbers

Health Services Phone Numbers

Appointments 315-443-9005
Ambulance 315-443-4299
Administration 315-443-9001
Information 315-443-9005
Insurance 315-443-2668
Laboratory 315-443-9029
Main Fax Number 315-443-9010
Medical Records 315-443-2667
Medical Transport 315-443-4566
Nutrition & Wellness Education 315-443-9016
Health & Wellness Fee 315-443-9001
Pharmacy 315-443-5691
Pharmacy (FAX Number) 315-443-7981

Campus Health Resources

Counseling Center 315-443-4715
Department of Recreation Services 315-443-4386
Department of Public Safety (On Campus Phones) 711
Department of Public Safety (Off Campus) 315-443-2224
Department of Public Safety (Mobile/Cellular Phones) #SU (#78)
Office of Disability Services 315-443-4498
University Food Services 315-443-3803

Community Health Resources

Crouse Hospital ER 315-470-7411
Community General Hospital ER 315-492-5535
County Health Department STD Clinic 315-435-3295
Planned Parenthood 315-475-5525
Upstate Medical University ER 315-464-5611
St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center ER 315-448-5101
Syracuse Rape Crisis Center 315-422-7273
Poison Control Center 800-222-1222
Onondaga County Contact Hotline (Counseling Svcs.) 315-474-1333
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK
Syracuse City Police and Fire 911

Frequently Asked Questions

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