Health Tips for Spring Break

Be Informed

                Before travelling, look through health concerns that may be relevant to your specific destination by visiting this CDC Resource. By being an informed traveler, you can have awareness about all the resources regarding your health in a different country. Find out if your health insurances covers medical care abroad, where to seek care, and what over the counter medications you may want to bring with you. Lastly, check out security risks at the US Department of State website.

Protect the Beautiful Skin You’re In

Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by following these recommendations. Take a break from the sun every now then and find shade to reduce the risk of skin damage. Wear at least SPF30+ sunscreen every time you go outside. Reapply every two hours, and especially after swimming and sweating. Don’t forget to wear clothing that covers your skin like cover ups, t-shirts, and hats.

Protect from mosquito bites and potential virus by packing bug repellent and checking out Health Services information about Mosquito Borne Viruses.

Safe Sex is the Best Sex

Communication is step one in practicing safe sex, GOT CONSENT?: Be SU.R.E. Affirmative Consent is Step #1 for any type of sexual encounter. Learn more about what this looks like at the SU health promotions website

It is always important to be able to have open, honest, and responsible conversations about STI risks and contraceptive options. Pack your luggage smart by ordering free Safe Sex Supplies from Safer Sex Express or pick them up at Safer Sex Weekly locations around campus. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with health services at 315.443.9005 to get yourself tested before you travel.

Practice Safe Drinking

Check out SU’s Office of Health Promotion’s information about alcohol consumption safety. Stay hydrated by packing a reusable water bottle, and keeping it filled with safe drinking water at all times to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.