Psychiatric Consultation

Individuals interested in psychiatric medication management are encouraged to meet with a Counseling Center  therapist to discuss options for psychiatric services in the community and at Health Services. Individuals can schedule an appointment with the Counseling Center by calling 315.443.4715

Emergency/Crisis Support and Advocacy Services

The Counseling Center offers 24-hour Crisis Support and Advocacy Services that can be accessed by calling 315.443.4715

Options for Psychiatric Medication Management

Students may use private health insurance to obtain a psychiatric prescriber in the community. A list of community providers is available on the Counseling Center website or students can review their health insurance plan for a list of participating plan providers.

The Health Services Pharmacy accepts scripts from psychiatric prescribers or primary care providers via fax, phone call, or electronic submission. Students who wish to continue services with home prescribers should call Health Services Pharmacy at 315.443.5691 for further information.

Psychiatry within Health Services offers non-emergent psychiatric evaluations, and psychopharmacology while the student is attending classes on the Syracuse campus. Students are required to obtain medications from a provider based in the community where the student will reside during academic breaks, study abroad, or when the student is unable to return to Health Services for follow up.   

General Guidelines

Health Services strictly adheres to New York State (NYS) regulations regarding prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances and may decline to prescribe medications if deemed to medically compromise student and/or campus health and safety.  Students will be referred to the community for case management, substance abuse treatment, or other specialized mental health treatment not available on campus as determined appropriate by Health Services providers.  

Student Responsibilities

Students will be expected to actively participate in their mental health treatment as follows (not all inclusive list):

  1. Take medications independently as prescribed
  2. Schedule and attend follow up appointments
  3. Actively participate in mental health therapy/counseling as deemed appropriate
  4. Abstain from the use of substances contraindicated during the use of psychiatric medications including but not limited to: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, or any substance not specifically prescribed to the student 
  5. Abide by NYS and Syracuse University regulations for use of prescription medications, controlled substances, marijuana, other illicit/recreational substances, and alcohol consumption
  6. Obtain medications from a provider based in the community where the student will reside during academic breaks, travel abroad, birthright trips, etc.

Guidelines for ADHD/ADD Treatment/Monitoring

Prior to intake appointment for medication management student must provide:

  • Full neuropsychological testing results with diagnosis (short summaries or self-report are not acceptable)
  • Students who do not have neuropsychological testing are responsible to obtain testing prior to treatment of ADHD. Student is responsible for cost incurred as a result of neuropsychological testing which may not be covered by all insurance programs.
  • Students without neuropsychological testing may seek treatment with a community provider who may have different policies regarding ADHD treatment.