Syracuse University students can arrange to meet with a registered dietitian at Syracuse University Health Services to address nutrition-related concerns or questions.  Students  will be provided with confidential nutrition counseling as a service covered under the student health and wellness fee.  The dietitian will meet with students by appointment Monday through Friday 8:30-5:00pm during the academic calendar year.

Common reasons students seek the advice of a clinical registered dietitian are for concerns related to high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, digestive problems, disordered eating, eating disorders, athletics, weight gain or loss, dietary restrictions, food allergies, appetite disruptions and learning new ways to eat with little time and/or money. 

A referral is not required. Schedule an appointment by calling 315-443-9005.  If you do have medically-related concerns, you should schedule an appointment with a medical provider prior to a nutrition appointment.  

Students who have questions about their meal plan or questions about the various dining facilities on campus should call University Food Services at 315-443-3803 for assistance.