Medical Services

The Syracuse University Health Services staff of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health care professionals provides a wide array of confidential general medical care for our students. Our outpatient services include:

  • Health maintenance (physical exams, pap smears, immunizations)
  • Disease prevention and screening (blood pressure checks, tobacco cessation)
  • Evaluation and treatment of common acute illnesses (respiratory infections, injuries, abdominal pain)
  • Management of common uncomplicated chronic illnesses affecting our population (asthma, acne, seasonal allergies)
  • Primary care mental health (depression, anxiety, ADHD)
  • Simple office procedures (suturing, wart treatment)

Students requiring a slightly more intensive medical care (high fevers, vomiting with mild dehydration) may be monitored during clinical hours in one of our two observation beds. After hours and those requiring more aggressive medical interventions may be referred to one of our local hospital emergency rooms, both within blocks of the University. Referrals for outpatient specialty care can be made as needed for evaluation and/or management of more complex medical conditions. 

If you are seen by a provider at Health Services and are specifically advised to alter your activity based on current clinical findings, an excuse note will be provided for future class attendance. If you have already missed a class, an excuse note will not be provided. Missed classes or incomplete academic work is an issue between you and your instructor.