Information for Providers

Many students with mumps do not present with the prodromal symptoms which include fever, malaise and headache. Most present with parotid gland swelling and tenderness which is often unilateral. We have seen quite a few patients with isolated swelling of submandibular and sublingual glands. For the most part, in the previously immunized, the cases are quite mild. If you feel your patient may have the mumps then PCR testing should be done using a buccal swab in VCM.  Massaging the swollen gland for 30 seconds prior to the swab increases sensitivity. The swab should be moved over the Stensen’s Duct, along the lower gum line and under the tongue. If you feel someone could have the mumps they need to be isolated in your office and should wear a mask. They should be isolated for 5 days, in their own bedroom with access to a private bathroom. Please contact your local health department if you suspect mumps. Feel free to contact Syracuse University Health Services or our provider on call at 315.443.9005 if you have any questions.