Protection and Treatment of Lice

How to Protect Against Lice

Head lice are very small insects and are about the size of a sesame seed (2–3 mm long). Their bodies are usually pale and gray, but color can vary. One "lice" is called a louse.  Head lice feed on tiny amounts of blood from the scalp.  They usually survive less than a day if not on a person's scalp. Lice lay and attach their eggs to hair close to the scalp. 

 There is a common misconception that the result of getting lice is because of poor hair hygiene.  The truth is anyone can get head lice no matter how clean your hair or homes might be.  All it takes is a matter of prolonged contact with people head-to-head contact.  This is why it is common among preschool children because they come into physical contact a lot when they have play time.

The way to prevent lice is by not sharing your personal items with people including hats, hooded sweatshirts, scarves, etc.  Also, it is suggested that you do not share accessories such as hairbrushes, combs, towels, headsets or earbuds. Close head to head contact when taking pictures is another example of how lice can be spread.  Lice can live for several days in your scalp and lay up to ten eggs in one day too.  Symptoms of having lice include itching of the scalp, behind the neck and ears.  Before receiving treatment, you should check with your doctor to verify that you have the condition and what medicines would be good for treatment use.

Though millions of children get lice a year, they do not cause any serious illness or carry diseases.  Lice does carry a heavy stigma to it though.  People may be ashamed that they have such a situation going on with them.  Those who have lice may be perceived differently by others negatively.  Lice does not discriminate; it can happen to anyone!

Treatment Advice

  • When removing the head lice, be sure to get rid of the eggs as well
  • There is no one product or medication that will kill all the eggs 100 percent
  • A nit comb with microgrooves will be needed to wrap around the hair stands to drag everything off
  • Hair must be combed stand by strand for a duration of two weeks to be sure nits are all gone
  • There are some places that specialized in treating lice that offer natural, effective treatments that take care of all the tedious work for you
  • Extreme heat and cold kill lice, so putting clothes, pillows, and bedsheets in the dryer for 30 minutes should do the job
  • Wash and boil hairbrushes, combs and hair clips

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