How to Eat Healthy on Campus

Eating healthy on campus can be easy and fun if you follow these tips:

General Tips

Try to eat breakfast and make an effort to make time to eat so you don’t end up skipping meals. Keep healthy snacks such as baby carrots, hummus, nuts, and fruit in your dorm.  Pack snacks to take with you during the day. Drink water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Grab free fruit every Monday from SU Health Services and all the fitness centers on campus. Get rewarded for eating healthy!  Pick up a Meatless Monday rewards card at Pages, Life Sciences or Slocum Cafes and get a punch every time your purchase a healthy meatless menu item.  After 5 punches, get a free piece of fruit and enter into a drawing for a gift certificate to either Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center's restaurant or one of several campus c-stores.

Before Going to the Dining Hall

Check out SU Food Services’ website for info about dining options, daily menus, nutritional analyses, and where to eat on campus.  Be creative! Check out Otto’s Best Bites and get inspired to take the food in the dining hall and make new dishes.

At the Dining Hall

Peruse the entire dining hall buffet before taking food. Walk around once and then decide what looks good and eat in moderation. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruit. Try to have at least one meatless meal every week. The dining halls provide a variety of meatless options.

During Your Meal

Eat slowly, put your fork down between bites, and savor your meal. Drink water instead of soda or juice to reduce your sugar intake. Make an effort to engage in conversation with friends at the table.


For off-campus options, check out What the Health Magazine’s list of healthy Marshall St finds:

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Establish a healthy relationship with food. To learn about Mindful Eating check out Nicole Christina, LCSW’s website

If you want more information about nutrition, make an appointment with our registered dietitian Lisa Thomas by calling 315-443-9005.